Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fire Season

   As I type this post, yet another wildfire rages through Lake County.  The latest, named the Valley Fire, has consumed just over 25,000 acres across the areas of Cobb Mountain, Hidden Valley Lake and near Middletown.  We lived in Hidden Valley Lake for two years prior to purchasing the ranch and still have friends who live there.  It's heartbreaking to think about what these folks are going through, a rushed mandatory evacuation, fearing their homes may not survive the inferno, some having to turn their animals lose and hope they can make it on their own.  To think a month ago, we faced the same uncertainty.  The only difference being, we had a few days to get our potential evacuation in place.
   I only hope many of these displaced families were able to cobble together the most meager of preparedness items which with to evacuate.  Based on the fires they witnessed just weeks prior, I'm sure many thought it may just be a matter of time before disaster turns their way.  Sadly, I know many are not prepared for this type of life altering scenario.  If there turns out to be anyway we are able to help these folks with some of the ways we've prepped - we'll be happy to do so.