Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Utility Plant Arrives at the Ranch

We finally got active in the comfrey game.  If you're not familiar with it, the Internet is full of descriptions of its importance as a addition to anyone interested in growing their own food/herbs or regenerative agriculture.
Comfrey is a versitile plant used for everything from medicinal poultices to dynamic accumulators in the garden. It grows well from just root cuttings and can adapt to many soil types and environments.  
Comfrey is strong growing and deep-rooted, having no problem propagating itself as allowed.  Most homesteaders utilize comfrey to help build soil through cutting back growth, allowing the chopped leaves to decompose and release their gathered nutrients back into the surrounding soil.  
Pollinating insects love the small flower clusters it produces.  Comfrey is also a great treat for your chickens and rabbits. These plants can be halved every two years.  This lets you perpetuate this phenomenal plant all over your property after starting out with just a few.  We got our thirteen root cuttings from Marsh Creek Farmstead in Brentwood, CA.  Check them out online as well as our own site and Facebook page.  We'll be sure to post updates as we get further along in our maiden voyage with Symphytum uplanicum!